The Ellsemere Kitchen Suite


The Stunning Ellesmere suite starts at 15K.

This fabulous kitchen includes wall unites and storage for your lounge roome and spaces extended onto your kitchen making your entire kitchen area one beautiful theme with excellent storage, quality workmanship, all the modern conditions one would expect from a 2022 kitchen design.

To learn more contact one of our expert team members. We have over 15 years expereince building exceptional kitchens.


This Stunning kitchen design includes all kitchen modern conditions, wall units made by Oldbridge Kitchens to specification, a kitchen Isleand, table, chairs, excellent storage and hidden cupboards. The Ellesmere suite also includes lounge sitting wall units for televisions, books, homes decor products, wall panels, heater covers and corner seating.

The Ellesmere comes in state blue, grey, heritage green and state blue and dust grey combined to give a more dynamic vs soft affect to your kitchen and sitting room.




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